The Quote

“It is incumbent on each and every clinician to provide care to patients with the highest quality of treatment dictated by scientific evidence.A “like,” a “thumbs up,” or a comment of “great job” on social media does not meet that standard of care. ” – Marc Nevins

“Medical research requires independence, freedom and the possibility of discussion. A paid expert is no longer open to discussions; he/she is limited by practical constraints.” –André Schroeder

“Extract the teeth is the best way to loss the bone. ”
– Lisa Hetiz-Mayfield@ITI Taiwan Symposium 2015

“There is no evidence that the cells of gingiva exhibit osteogenic potential. The replacement of gingival flaps raised in periodontal surgery in direct contact with the crest of the alveolar process could theoretically favor such a sequence of events, but such a hypothesis needs to be tested experimentally.” A. H. Melcher 1976

“Why use demineralized freeze dried bone in PAOO case? It’s a Proof of Principle.”  Kevin Murphy@Academy of Oral Implantology, Taiwan, 2013

“CAF+CTG might be the gold standard in root coverage procedures” Jacopo Buti 2013

“Bone formation occurs in extraskeletal implants of decalcified bone matrix in the interior of excavation cavities, and the new osteoblasts are derived, not from elements of the donor tissue, but from proliferating pleuripotent, ingrowing cells of the host.” Marshall R. Urist 1965

“Predictable Root Coverage Is An Obtainable Goal.” Randall Harris 1992

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